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Baharan Palayesh Sabz Parsian (BP-SPSP),specializes in consulting, designing and manufacturing equipment and production line for re-refining used oil and other petroleum products. It offers the world’s most advanced technologies in processing used oil and refining petroleum products.

  • The first and the only manufacturer of standard and custom short steel Thin Film Evaporator in Iran
  • The first indigenous manufacturer of used oil re-refining line in Iran
  • 20 years of experience in producing engine oil and recycling used oil using Acid and Thin Film methods
  • The first exporter of Thin Film technology as two separated lines to Iraq in 2018
  • Construction of the first laboratory unit for Hydro-treating distillation of used oil in Iran



Common Technologies in Used Oil Re-refining


Over time, the re-refining processes are advancing and thus improving, especially from the aspects of yield and reduced environmental impacts. The most common of the generic systems are:

Acid-clay Re-refining

This ancient and once popular process, namely the acid-clay re-refining process, was first employed in the mid-1960s by many companies in United States, wherein large amounts of Sulphuric acid and clay were used to treat waste oils.



MTSP = Environmental

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