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Thin Film Evaporation/Hydrotreating



Thin Film Evaporation:

In this process we use Thin film evaporator in order to remove fuel and heavy ends from the oil. The by-product of Thin film evaporator residue is used as an asphalt extender or as fuel for industrial furnaces.


Hydro-treating is the reaction of organic compounds in the presence of high pressure hydrogen to remove oxygen (deoxygenation) along with other heteroatoms (nitrogen, sulfur, and chlorine). The Hydro-treating technology removes contaminants by exposing the oil to hydrogen gas, at very high pressure and temperature, in the presence of a catalyst. The catalyst promotes chemical reactions that remove trace metals and other contaminants from the lube oil. we use this process to improve the quality of final product and to improve its odor and colour.




MTSP = Environmental

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