• MTSP to provide you with commercially proven re-refining technology to produce API Group I& II base oil .
  • تکنولوژی پیشرفته برای تولید انواع روانسازهای خودرو و صنعتی
  • تکنولوژی پیشرفته برای تصفیه روغن های کارکرده
  • تماس با ما

کاربرد و مشخصات روغن پایه گروه دوم

  • Re-refined from consistent supply of paraffinic used engine oils.
  • Hydrogen treatment over catalyst at severe pressure and temperature, gives good stability, light color, low sulphur, high VI and saturates that meet Group II specifications.
  • In 2004, Group II base oils were engine-tested by Infineum. The Matrix Core program, for API CI-4/SL/CF performance level, was conducted in SAE 15W-40 and 10W-30 viscosity grades, and for API SL/CF/CF-2 in the SAE 30 viscosity grade in appropriate Group I and Group II base stocks. A Base Oil Interchange Program was then conducted in Evergreen Group II base stocks in SAE 15W-40, and 10W-30 viscosity grades for API CI-4/SL/CF performance level and SAE 30 viscosity grade, for API SL/CF/CF-2 performance level.
  • For all the tests covered by the Codes of Practice of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and/or the Additive Technical Committee (ATC), the ACC/ATC tests protocols were observed.
  • Infineum D3422 is the baseline additive package. In the Matrix Core program, its performance is demonstrated at 14.1 mass % for SAE 15W-40, 10W-30, SAE 30, and all other viscosity grades.
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